Mette Edvardsen

Partner: Mette Edvardsen

Since 2002, Mette Edvardsen has been active as an independent artist. Although she explores multiple media or formats - such as video, books and texts - her interest lies in their relationship to the performing arts as a practice and situation. Whatever the medium, Mette Edvardsen constantly examines the limits of language, time, and space. Mette Edvardsen's projects operate in an interim time and in an intermediate space. They are played in the interval, in the free space which appears between two words (Black, presented in 2014 at explore Bucharest Festival) or between a book and a listener (Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine). In her work, she uses repetition and multiplication as a strategy, as a way to make things visible, to activate them. Mette Edvardsen operates internationally. A retrospective overview of her work was presented in 2015 at the Black Box Theater in Oslo, Norway. The book "Every Now and Then" (2009) won the 2009 Fernand Baudin Prize, an award that demonstrates outstanding quality in both design (editorial and graphic) and production (printing and binding). In 2013, she was the chairman of the Fernand Baudin Award Jury and, together with graphic designer Joris Kritis, was responsible for the catalogue published on the occasion of that year's awards ceremony. In 2016, Mette Edvardsen received the Norwegian Ibsen Award for her project "We to Be", a prestigious award given annually since 1986 to a Norwegian playwright by the municipality of Skien (the birthplace of playwright Henrik Ibsen). Mette Edvardsen is currently researching at the Kunsthogskolen in Oslo (National Academy of Arts in Oslo). Her doctoral research project, "Writing in Space and Time", explores text and language as a raw material for dance practice. She also regularly gives workshops, lectures and presentations at the Kunstakademiet i Tromso (Tromso Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing) (2010), among others; Luca School of Arts, Gent (2011); eXplore festival, Bucharest (2014); Reykjavik Dance Festival (2015) or Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels (2017).